About SITREP Security Solutions

Security Officers / Guards in Bakersfield, California

SITREP Security Solutions

SITREP Security Solutions is a newly founded security services provider in Bakersfield, California. Established in 2018, SITREP takes a new proactive approach in the security industry by providing detailed and unique security services to each of their clients. There are no cookie cutter builds here but rather a contoured service plan that helps keep our clients mind at ease allowing them to focus on their business success. Our experience comes from over 20 years of providing security and safety in government, public and private sectors. This knowledge gives us the insight and ability to adapt and overcome many security issues facing us today in the industry. Since SITREP focuses on training and personal development you can rest assure that our security professionals will provide you with the service you deserve. What separates us from other security services is that we believe in community policing. SITREP is the military acronym for Situation Report (SITREP). We understand that communication is key to establishing a good relationship with our community partners. This is why we pride ourselves on giving our partners the SITREP that we have resolve any situations that could compromise their safety and security.

Our military background shapes our core values: integrity, selfless service, professionalism and loyalty. These are not just words but examples we strive to show to our clients through our services and our reputation speaking for itself. Our model is simple: listen to our partners needs, provide a solution.